A Brand, Creative, Print & Production house by day. A Powerful League of Bird Watchers, Whisky Experts, Vigilantes and Assorted Wise Men, by night. Mostly, we stick to coming up with great concepts 24*7.


by design.

how we became a global peace icon and also won a beauty contest

It helps when you are a 35 member strong team to dream up stuff like that. Chances are that someone might be pretty enough to bring about world peace or lucky enough to win a beauty contest. Or is it the other way around?

Anyway, that’s what we are. A mid-sized agency specializing in creative, print and production. We work hard. We understand brands. And if you haven’t spotted this trait yet – yeah, we like to dream big.

We have grown rapidly over the years and have a nice bunch of people working with us who believe in us. ITC Hotels, Pernod Ricard, Infosys… you know – the nice types.

Incredibly, a lot of people still think that bringing world peace and winning beauty pageants are our only super-powers. Here’s a list of other great stuff we do, when the mood (and moolah) arises.

Brand Design & Advertising Consultancy

Here’s where we tell you what your brand should be to make it awesome. Then think of cool ways to take it to the right folk so it’s well and truly loved.

Print Design

From a tiny bookmark to every square inch of your office, there’s hardly a size, surface or material we don’t design for.

Digital & Electronic Design

That’s right. Adman now has a bat-imobile. From e-flyers to websites; from TV commercials to social media campaigns, we can kill it digitally.

Print Production

Our in-house print squad wield the latest tech to print, laser cut, spot laminate and texture varnish to make our designs take shape.

Fabrication & Installations

From bars that raise the bar to signages so futuristic they can be signageless, our production experts churn out eye-catching POSM and innovative merchandise.

same superhero different capes

how we went about writing the screenplay for Casablanca

We’ve got close to doing something perfect very often you know. We think given the right amount of time and endless client patience, one day we will pull off something like that.

So while we are at it, we would like to take you through some of the work which we are quite proud of.

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we get by with a little help from our friends

Very often we get along by singing four part harmonies with our friends. Here’s just a few of them:

now for some really cool stand-up comedy

If you really want to hear our jokes, you should invite us over for a presentation. Just let us know when to stop and get on with it (helpful hint!). We present our star entertainers in this all-star comedy show.


Founder, CEO, Creative Director. These are some of the descriptions he is not too fond of. Dreamer, designer, doer. Those, he can relate to. If you need someone to blame it all on – he is your man.

He may have started as a disastrous engineer but soon found his true calling to become one of the best in the advertising field and has been at it for fifteen years now. He knows a lot of super cool people and will never miss an opportunity to rattle their names and show off – GMs of Star Hotels, Brand Managers in Alcohol Companies, Heads of Pharmaceuticals. From marketing to client servicing to creatives, he loves being involved intrinsically with everything that makes Aspiration what it is.


Head of finance, Head of Print & Production. He is also our material man, there’s hardly a material he is not familiar with. As Head of Finance, he keeps an eagle eye on every cost, ensuring we remain value-for money for our clients.

Abhishek is the reason why we save paper, cut costs and are so globally conscious. He has honed his expertise in print production and visual merchandising for close to twenty years. Quite a few people swear by him. Here, we mostly just swear at him (We need more allowance!! etc.) We normally don’t win.

Nataliya Saxena

A communications professional, Nataliya has been part of ITC’s flagship hotels – Grand Chola and Grand Bharat. She then rose to the upper echelons of the Corporate Communications team at ITC Hotels.

She now brings to Aspiration all the energy and verve which made her a rising star in the corporate galaxy.

Santosh K – Design

Santosh is our hidden reserves of patience. In a world where everything is required ‘asap’ or ‘as of yesterday’, where clients are on edge, designers hyperventilating and everyone looking as if they are going to explode, he is the epitome of cool who ensures everyone goes home happy.

His amazing talent of juggling between co-ordinating with clients while guiding his designers and still focusing on his own design jobs makes him a one man army we couldn’t do without.

Neelam Dhuri – Accounts & Admin

Making sure the ship sails smoothly (and doesn’t hit any icebergs on the way) is what Neelam is great at. In her short stint of two years with Aspiration, she has moved us from being paper pushers into a neat, efficient ERP driven organization.

Mahesh Kumar – Print & Production

Mahesh has not just headed the print & production of Aspiration, he helped launch it. Having been with us for over 14 years now, he has guided our foray into this sector with an uncanny knack of using nascent technologies which save time, money, and, more often than not, our backsides.

Business Development & Admin Manager
for Me Casa – Luxury PG Project

Me Casa is a first of it’s kind Luxury PG project in Bangalore, combining the best of hospitality trends. Starting from a 10 room pilot project, we have already expanded to a 45 room capacity and are hoping to reach 100-120 rooms by 2019 end. Looking for a person who can help take this project forward quickly and passionately.

Job responsibilities:
  • Interact with current guests and solve any issues they are facing
  • Promote Me Casa to corporate groups/institutions to increase occupancy
  • Identify sites or upcoming/existing buildings where we can start the next project
  • Identify other PGs which are done well enough to sell a franchise model

Client Servicing & Sales Manager
Aspiration Advertising – Design Division

We are looking for a person with a passion for connecting with people and an innate ability to forge relations. They should have an understanding of marketing services, as well as the ability to handle existing clients. Knowledge of creative process in an advertising agency is a plus.

Job Responsibilities:
  • Identify and target new clients for brand identity, creative and design work
  • Take over and handle existing clients with regular interaction to ensure recall
  • Upsell concepts to increase billing to existing clients
  • Interact with creative team to get work done smoothly, efficiently and to client’s interaction
  • Ensure Quotations, Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payments are on time
  • Ideate with management for increasing overall billing and profitability by looking at new avenues, opportunities

Sales & Marketing Executive
Aspiration Advertising – Print Division

Looking for a person who can target and approach Purchase Managers and Product Managers of Corporate Groups and Institutions to procure print and production orders. While the most important aspect is the willingness to go out, meet people and have the ability to sell print services. A knowledge of print industry is a plus.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Identify and target new clients for print and production work
  • Give continuous reports of number of clients approached with status of each interaction
  • Learn and understand the numerous print and production options so as to be able to handle basic tech queries

Senior Graphic Design
Aspiration Advertising – Design Division

Looking for candidates with work experience in an Agency for 2-3 years and having sound knowledge of Adobe Illustrator, InDesign and Photoshop. Knowledge of print file would be an added advantage.

work with us

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getting to the batcave

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